Wall Finishes

Using Paint, Wall Finishes and Art to Decorate Interiors

Paint, wall finishes and art are what we use to decorate walls. Sounds logical of course and listed below are many resources that contribute to this side of the interior design industry.

When finishing walls the key to good design is the proportion of the finish used. For example art work has to be placed with an artistic eye and balanced to the size of the wall. It may be that the art is placed in an artistic manner with many smaller pictures finishing a section of wall virtually covering it. Alternatively there may be one piece set on a high contrast background (perhaps black) as a feature with an accent light playing on the artwork for a very stark effect.

Other finishes to the wall can include paint, wallpapers, fabrics, timber and stone effects and now even color back glass is being used to great effect on feature walls. In fact it is currently quite fashionable and an extremely durable surface with high sound and light reflective properties.

Paint comes in many many different colors and also textures which is an extremely cost effective way of adding “body” to a wall. When light is played on the textured wall at an obtuse angle the differing shadows and contrast can create quite a contrast, while if the light is directed to the wall the shadow effect can be lessened and even eliminated. Its a trick of interior designers to use the two effects or light sources and alter the mood of the room by adjusting the amount of light from each source. Wall finishes in any of these forms are able to add or detract from the interior and care must be taken when applying the finish. Listed below are links to paint, wall finishes, art suppliers and others.


Painting Contractor Sydney -Colour Sun is a painting contractor in Sydney specialising in all types of commercial, industrial and residential painter services.

Raw Art by Kelly Moore – Kelly Moore is a Self Taught Artist who has no formal training or education in art. His Original, Expressive work has been referred to as Outsider Art, Art Brut, Raw Art and Visionary Art.

Ruth Robertson Fine Art – Ruth Robertson Fine Art is a contemporary fine art gallery featuring abstract works and works by contemporary impressionist artists. Many of the artists represented on this site have museum history.



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