Spirit Based Paints

Spirit Based Paints

Paint – Spirit Type Coating

The medium is a solution of the binder, which is created by dissolving a solid in a liquid (solvent). This form of coating dries initially by evaporation of the solvents, then some polymerisation takes place.

The binder used may be a natural resin i.e. Shellac, Damar, Sandrac or a manmade binder, nitro cellulose, chlorinated neoprene rubber.
The thinner is often a blend of solvents, which is capable of keeping the binder in the solution and ensuring it evaporates at the right speed to suit the atmospheric conditions and the form of application.

The advantages of using spirit based paints are that it has a fast application and has a rapid drying time.
The disadvantages of using spirit based paints are that it has a strong odor, has toxic and intoxicating fumes and it can’t be applied by a brush (as it lifts, particularly the second coat).

It is not recommended to be applied over any other type of paint as the solvents can act like paint strippers.
There is also the problem of blooming that occurs in clear coating in cold and damp situations.
Condensation of moisture on the substrate forms as the product is rapidly cooling due to the solvents evaporating rapidly.

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