Special Types of Paint

Special Types of Paint for Interior Design and Decorating

Some Special Types of Paint

Anti Fungus Paint

These paints contain toxic compounds, which kill any fungi attempting to feed from it. Some paint have a fungicide added to them, these sometimes do not last the duration of the paint films life.

Fire Retardant Paint – Intumescent

This type of paint works as heat causes the paint to swell on the painted substrate, which forms a barrier insulating the surface from the flames. Other forms incorporate materials for example chlorinated paraffin or chlorinated rubber which on application of heat they fuse together preventing combustion.

Relief Texture Paint

These are often a heavy plaster like texture, which on application provide a rough finish. They can be carved or moulded to make decorative elements such as borders and motifs. It generally comes as a powdered form, containing plaster, clay, mica and is mixed with water to the correct consistency required.

Heat Resistant Paint

Oil -Modified Alkyd Paints are suitable for application to surfaces on which their temperatures could reach 100°C. Light paint colors could discolor at this temperature though.
There are other forms of paint that can withstand higher temperatures; all these paints generally contain Aluminium powder.

Multicolored Finish Paint

These paints contain combinations of colored globules, which on application to a surface by a spraying method form a flecked or speckled effect coating. This type of finish has good adhesion, is very durable and washable. It is ideal for the use in schools, large institutions and hospitals as it can be easily repaired on a patch basis, and is cost effective in these situations, saving the need to repaint entire walls.

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