Green Color Schemes

Green Color Schemes

Green Color Schemes derived from the Color Wheel

Get examples of green color schemes which have been selected from the color wheel. This is a tried and true way of selecting color schemes that work well. Once you have mastered using the color wheel, you can push the boundaries and stretch you color creativity.

A green monochromatic color scheme provides a calm and relaxing feeling to a room.

A green and red complementary color scheme provides wonderful contrast, one of the colors should dominate and the other used as an accent.

A hunter green sofa for example, accented with red cushions. This provides an elegant combination.

A green, red – violet and red – orange, split complementary color scheme allows you to introduce other colors whilst still retaining a high contrast scheme. This works well with floral fabrics, using them for drapery or upholstery.

Green, violet and orange, a triadic color scheme creates a wealthy and elegant use of green based on a strong chroma (brightness of the color) but if used with a tint (white added to a color) we get quite a different feel, mint green, lilac and apricot, this creates a harmonious and balanced use of the color.

Green, yellow – green and yellow, an example of an analogous color scheme. This type of scheme is easy on the eye as it uses colors that are beside each other on the color wheel and therefore closely related. It is useful to use when you want to make a harmonious space but does create more movement than a simple monochromatic scheme. Refreshing comes to mind for this use of green.

Green Color Schemes

Green, yellow – green , red – violet and red make up a dual complementary color scheme. This allows you to combine multiple colors knowing that they will work in harmony. Ideal for patterned fabrics, florals, using different finishes in one room for example wallpaper, upholstery fabric and drapes, tiles and flower arrangements. This is a conventional and balanced use of the color green.

Green, blue, red and orange combine to form a tetrad color scheme. This type of combination allows for a greater range of different colors to be combined, similar advantages as the dual complementary, but just adds more color variation. Ideal to use when you want to have lots of movement and action, the green takes on a feeling of growth and rejuvenation.

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