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Kitchen Spice Racks

Kitchen Spice Racks and Drawers –  Accessories and Fittings for the Kitchen

Why do we need kitchen spice racks?

Where would we be without the flavors of the orient, brought to us by a wonderful collection of spices – cardamom, paprika, chilli and coriander. Then we have the sweet spices, enriching our home baking – cinnamon, vanilla, mixed spice. And for those that love to make home made relishes we have all spice, mustard and pepper.

These spices can add up to take a large part of your kitchen space and we haven’t even touched on the herbs of Italy and France!So the question is how do we house them so that they are easy to keep, read the label and find, all staying in one area so they are close to the cooking line and the flavors are not spilt into each other?

It is simple we use a kitchen spice rack or a spice drawer.

This way we can keep then in a small compact space, as seen with the rack on the cupboard door we don’t loose any cupboard space and gain a simple and very effective way of cataloguing and storing our herbs and spices.

kitchen spice racks and spice drawer
The  kitchen spice drawer is what I use, I have it close to the kitchen hob area, so that I can throw a bit of this or that in when I taste the food when it is cooking.It keeps the herbs and spices dry and separated, they can be labeled and are easy to find.

There are many companies who make kitchen fittings for the purpose of housing your herbs and spices to be integrated into your kitchen, before that there was only counter top options, but they could never fit all the jars that you wanted and you always need to have some on the counter some screwed to the wall and a few in cardboard boxes in the pantry, leaking out the bottom!

Kitchens have now become a science of niche fittings to go into your cabinetry and house all your little nick knacks and make your time in the kitchen tidier, shorter and much more organized. You can find things at a glance and you can make dishes with real precision.

Kitchen spice racks on cupboard door.
We have permission to use the photograph examples here from Hafele.
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