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Kitchen Space Bench Counter

Pull Out Extra Kitchen Counter Top or Table Space Ideas

We seem to be designing kitchens to extremes these days. Either a large almost commercial kitchen application or the tiniest apartment kitchen. Whilst different in scale they both need to house all the modern gadgets and appliances and allow us enough room to prepare food!

The small kitchen can struggle with this task, and therefore we need to explore ways to get that little bit of extra bench our counter space without altering the design integrity of the kitchen. Additional bench space in a very tight area can be provided for by using foldout or pull out tables or benches such as those shown below.

These items are a very economical way of creating more bench space when it is required and then just fold away when not in use leaving the space for general circulation when more than one is using the limited area.

Additional Kitchen Work Top Space Ideas


This pull out drawer increases existing counter space and also has the additional advantage of a cutlery drawer under it. Kitchen counter top - Pull out drawer to create extra counter space and additional cultery drawer.  
Once again a simple drawer pull system for additional counter top space. This is probably one of the simplest forms for additional bench top space creation.

It is a great idea to use these close to the preparation area, as this is usually where you have the most items laid out on the counter top at a time and you can swing around and use the space, reducing the amount of movement required in the kitchen.

Kitchen counter top - simple drawer pull system for additional counter top space

Kitchen counter top - This photograph shows you how the drawer system works.

This photograph shows you how the drawer system works. It is on runners and gets fixed under the counter top.

It is extendable depending on what you require with this example, just the top for extra space or the extra feature of the pull out cutlery drawer.


Kitchen Counter Top - These examples are able to carry more weight as they are stabilised with legs.

Photographs used with permission from Hafele

These examples are able to carry more weight as they are stabilized with legs. Once again they are fixed into the joinery unit and accessed by simply pulling them out. The first example has drop down legs on wheels, the second looks like a cupboard front, very easily integrated into the kitchen.

There are many more options available for additional bench or counter top space creation ideas, simply visit your local hardware store, or kitchen design store for more information related to your area.

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