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Kitchen Fittings

Kitchen Storage Fittings and Space Saving Ideas

It’s amazing how much we can fit into a kitchen space. Technology, manufacturing and great design now means there are a multitude of space saving, time saving, comfort providing and aesthetically pleasing kitchen storage fittings available.

If you have ever seen a kitchen fittings and hardware manual, you will realize how vast this topic is. The choices of cutlery inserts, spice holders, pot drawers, pullout pantries, let alone the different types of door hinges are endless. You can flick through and select what you want, turn the page and then find something even better.

Kitchen designers are now in high demand as choosing fittings on your own has become a difficult job. If you have redesigned a kitchen before the you will be well aware of how time consuming fittings selection can be.

How can we help? We can help you by providing you with information on the types of kitchen storage fittings available and their functions. Take a look below to get you started, with many more kitchen storage ideas to come. Don’t forget about the kitchen sink.

Kitchen Storage Fittings – Examples

kitchen storage fittings - food processor storage
Kitchen Food Processor Storage

kitchen storage fittings - kitchen pot racks
Kitchen Pot Racks

kitchen storage fittings - kitchen spice drawer
Kitchen Spice Racks

kitchen storage fittings - pullout drawer with extra bench space
Pullout Counter or Bench Space
kitchen storage fittings - Pots and Pan Drawers
Kitchen Drawers and Pullout Mechanisms

When it comes to making your final choices for kitchen storage fittings, I would make a list and prioritize it. The reason for doing this is because these fabulous space saving fittings come at a price, so unless you have a very substantial budget to work with, you probably won’t be able to have all the fittings on your wishlist. You have to work out what is a must have and what is a luxury item and work from there.

Another thing to think about when designing your kitchen is the budget and making sure you provide good allowances for these kitchen storage fitting items when you set up your budget at the beginning of your project. This could mean that having these time and space saving fixtures are more important than an expensive counter top for example, or you can make do with a lesser quality flooring product to ensure you can have your pullout pantry. The planning side of the project is when you should look at making these decisions, not once you have started manufacturing the cabinetry.

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