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Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen Drawers and Pullout Mechanisms for Clever Storage Options

Kitchen drawers and pull out mechanisms are far more ergonomically friendly than cupboards as the necessity of having to bend down and search at the back of an under bench cupboard are alleviated. Incorporating them into your kitchen design is very worth while, read on to get some ideas on how you can incorporate kitchen drawers and pullout mechanisms into your kitchen design.


Kitchen Drawer Extension Runners Here are the side runners that hold drawers and allow then to extend beyond the edge of the cabinet that holds them which allows easy access to the rear of the drawer.There is no point in having a drawer that you can’t easily get to the back of as this is just wasted space and wasted space in joinery is expensive.

If you can’t use it then why have it? So while these fittings cost a little more initially they will save you on the amount of joinery needed and over the long run save your time and energy by being able to use the drawers fully and with ease.

kitchen drawer - Glass Storage Drawer Rather than having a fixed shelf for storing glassware why not have a moveable one that allows you to get to the back of the storage area without having to move everything in front of it.The horizontal stays or dividers stop any items from falling over while the shelf (or drawer) is moved. No more knocking over all the glasses as you reach for one at the back of the shelf!
kitchen drawer - Pots and Pan Drawers All these types of items will save you time as well as energy because putting away and retrieving the items used daily (or hourly) becomes simpler and easier.Here we have a simple drawer unit under bench that is used for storing heavy and cumbersome pots and pans. We have fixed sides to stop the pots and pans falling out and the drawers fully extend on drawers slides allowing easy access and time saving as mentioned earlier.
kitchen drawer - Pullout Storage Cupboard Here is another example using a difficult corner of a joinery unit that allows use of space that may normally be wasted.The cupboard front is integrated into the rest of the joinery or cabinetry unit and the clever fitting uses the space to create an easily accessible useful storage area. If this had been an opening cupboard the only thing you could have stored in it would be oven trays and chopping blocks.

Kitchen Drawer Diagram

Shown above here is a diagram with the drawer not quite fully extended but you are still able to access the rear of the drawer with ease. You can see how the modern kitchen drawer is constructed using runners and guides.

kitchen drawer - Pullout Storage Drawer Here is an example of more storage noting the fact that the drawer can extend fully so that the items are all easily accessed.It has a rack or shelf system within which is adjustable depending on what items you wish to store and it is easy to keep clean because any spills will land on the floor and can be cleaned with ease rather than the traditional way of cleaning drawers which entails emptying the entire contents, wiping out the drawer and loading everything back in!
kitchen drawer - Pullout Kitchen Pantry Here we have a larger version that will slide out giving easy access to the full pantry. This system works well in small kitchens as it allows for maximum storage using a small amount of wall space.

The photographs in this article have been used with permission by Hafele

So from the examples shown, you can now integrate a lot more space and time saving features into your kitchen design simply by using kitchen drawers and pullout mechanisms, there are so many that it is worthwhile getting a catalogue and getting familiar with what is available.

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