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Lighting Heating Ventilation Resources

Lighting Heating Ventilation

For any building that an interior designer is involved in lighting, heating and ventilation are three fundamental services that must be built into any habitable space. The key word for this is “habitable” and in all consent documentation and indeed where the interior designer is involved it is habitable spaces that they are involved in for the majority of work. Lighting, heating and ventilation inside a space are necessary to make the space comfortable and of course there are many ways to achieve this. Lighting in particular can make or break the interior design and the work and effort put into the design of the lighting is always rewarded.

Additionally the lights’ aesthetic appeal will also add to the interior using modern fittings or traditional chandeliers and wall mounted fittings depending upon the interior design. There are literally thousands of fittings and luminaries so finding the fitting appropriate to your interior is well worth the effort. Additionally using simple lighting calculations such as the square foot method and differentiating between task, ambient and mood lighting makes all the difference to the finished product.

The same can be said for heating and ventilation. In any building ventilation is paramount to making a comfortable interior, too much and drafts can be created, too little and the interior becomes stuffy and when oxygen is lacking or there is a buildup of too much CO2 then headaches and sleepiness can prevail. Additionally lack of ventilation in an office will causer any germs that are airborne to remain in the room allowing sickness to be easily spread. This is especially true in an open office situation and there have been many cases of the office bug being passed around the workers quickly because of a lack of fresh air intake and old air extract. One of the most important items with ventilation is as the air is extracted fresh makeup air must be introduced or the system will not work. The extraction will be pulling on a space trying to make a vacuum and while some have quite powerful motors, in all reality unless makeup air is available then the extraction won’t achieve anything.

Heating is able to be introduced into an interior in many ways, from a singular source such as an electric or solid fuel fitting or from many sources or outlets using a ducted air conditioning system, central heating system or radiator system.  Simple calculations for the amount of heat required to an insulated room should be used when designing and you will find that most manufacturers or suppliers of the fittings can help with this if you are unsure.

Here are some lighting, heating and ventilation resources: We carry Hunter Fan & Hunter Lighting Lines including Ceiling Fans and accessories, Air Purifiers, Replacement Filters, Humidifiers, Indoor Water Fountains, and Hunter-Kenroy Lighting; Sconces, Pendants, Chandeliers and more.

Ascot Hydronic Heating Systems Ascot Heating provides hydronic heating systems, boilers, towel warmers and hydronic radiators. We specialize in wrought iron chandeliers, sconces, lighting, Mexican wrought iron light fixtures, hand made wrought iron light fixtures, & more.

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Written by Chris Brown

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