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Wallpaper Defects

Recognize Wall Hangings and Wallpaper Defects

It is important to be able to look at wallpaper once it is hung to ensure it has been professionally installed. Here are the wallpaper defects that can arise if it is not hung to good trade standards. You will need to let the installer know and ensure that they remedy the defects.

Adhesive Stains

Stains appear on the paper face, caused by bad pasting methods or poor paper handling.

Joint Shrinkage

Where the joints open after drying, this is caused by insufficient smoothing of the paper.


This is where one length encroaches on the next. It is caused by poor workmanship, insufficient soaking or missing patches whilst pasting, which makes the paper, swell unevenly.


This is where the paper is poorly matched, creased, polished (shiny) or embossed papers are flattened. This is caused by bad paper handling and over brushing.

Blisters or Bubbles

This means that the paper is not flat on the substrate and has pockets of air trapped behind. It is caused by under soaking or not evenly brushing paste, or insufficient smoothing whilst handling.


Tearing is as it reads, obvious rips or tears in the finished paper. Poor handling, over soaking, blunt tools and poor cutting methods cause this.

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