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Rhondda Carnevale

Designer Profile – Rhondda Carnevale – Color Consultant

Rhondda Carnevale – “Colore Colore”

Merivale, Christchurch, New Zealand

Qualifications: Trade Certificate in Painting & Decorating

Specialist Areas: Interior and exterior color schemes, both residential and commercial. Specialist paint finishes.

Rhondda has a passion for color. She lives and breathes it and this rubs off on her clients. She instills the confidence in them to tell her what they need and she has the skills to interpret and deliver the successful result. She is a “people” person, a skill necessary for creating color spaces for homes.

Rhondda gets inspired by nature with her schemes, and has been know to design a room around the diverse range of greys hues in river stones from a riverbed.

Through her trade experience she has experimented with specialist paint finishes. She teams up with her mother to create wonderful Faux Finishes and Paint Effects.

Rhonnda Carnevale

Rhonnda Carnevale

Just talking to Rhondda about color makes you want to pick up a paintbrush and start creating! We have four examples of Rhondda’s work.

Kitchen renovation, a modern look.

The first is the renovation of kitchen; the client wanted a modern look. Rhondda chose the combination of stark white and grain brown. The pale brown is soft and subtle, highlighting the form of the kitchen. The stark white adds crispness to the space. The simple lines of the stainless steel fittings and fixtures complete the modern feel.

The second example is a new mud brick house. The client wanted colors to contrast with the bricks.

Rhondda has used Malta, a warm earthy brown, taken from the color of the plaster compound between the bricks. This ties to walls together and creates a warm natural feeling while enhancing the color and texture of the leather lounge suites.

Earthy materials and color create a warm cosy living room.

Earthy materials and color create a warm cosy living room.

The third example is a hallway in a Villa.

This space did not have any natural light, and was a difficult area to work with as almost every room in the house opened into it. The client wanted an extensive color palette throughout the house; therefore this central space was critical.

A deep rich red/brown (Sanguine Brown) was used below the dado rail; this enhanced the color of the timber floors and created a warm glow. Tapa (a mid tone grey) served as a neutral backdrop for the client’s collection of artwork. As the Tapa was at eye level, being grey and neutral the other spaces could take on their selected colors without their perception being altered.

This was a very clever solution to a difficult space.

A warm glow created in the hallway

A warm glow created in the hallway

Soft and subtle color for this bedroom, creates quiet sophistication.

Soft and subtle color for this bedroom, creates quiet sophistication.

The final example is a bedroom. The client had existing blue accessories for the bedroom and wanted to select blue for their walls to work with the carpet. Robin’s Egg Blue was selected.

This color is soft and muted being a combination of blue and green, ideal for a bedroom space as it keeps the room peaceful and tranquil. The subtly works well as it creates the backdrop for the bed to be the focus of the room, with is elegant bedspread and cushions. A quiet sophistication. This space is a reminder that keeping a scheme simple is often the best choice.

To summarize, although relatively new to the design industry, Rhondda shows a passion, drive and commitment to her clients, which can’t be faulted. Color consulting is a specialist field.

There are a lot of people who cannot visualize what they want, color consultants like Rhondda can interpret your visions and make them a reality.

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