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Simplify Color Choices

How to Simplify Color Choices

Everyone wants ideas on how to simplfy color choices for interior design and decorating projects. There are four things that I always make sure I put a lot of effort into when creating interior schemes. They are:

  • Texture
  • Color
  • Lighting
  • Balance


Texture because a design will look flat and lifeless without different textures.


Color because it brings a design to life, creating mood and evoking feelings.


Lighting because if we don’t have good lighting we cannot see the design no matter how good it is.


Balance because if the room doesn’t look balanced it is hard to feel comfortable and relax in a space as your eye is always searching for what is not quite right making you feel ill at ease.

Learning all these skills is time consuming as there are so may factors to think about in each area. Don’t worry – I have found a fantastic shortcut to simplify choosing color to get you one step ahead in your learning experience.

When I teach how to create a color scheme, I often express that it is often easiest to find something that you love and search for the colors in it and create your color scheme.

Now all you need to do is take a photo of it, upload it My Image Inspiration from My, move your mouse around your screen to find the exact area of color that you love, the software automatically brings in colors from that sample and you select the color you like. It then provides you with color palette choices. You can print these, email them or share them on Facebook to get your friend’s feedback on you color choices. It is so easy, even my daughter had fun doing it. Of course she now wants to repaint her room again!

Here is the example I made. It took me five minutes to do three schemes of color choices. Fabulous, I loved it. I chose a painting my son did when he was five, it sits at the end of our dining table, the walls are currently white and I thought I would use the my image inspiration tool to see what color choices ideas it would provide me.

Here are three visuals of how it works, all different as I chose differing areas of the inspirational painting each time.

Color choices - option one

Option One – I preferred the top color scheme for this one, and that will be the color scheme I will use.

Color choices - option two

Option Two – This one wasn’t as inspiring, but I wasn’t disappointed because that was the point of the exercise, to get visuals so I could make decisions.

Color choices - option three

Option Three – I chose a color that I liked instead of one that worked with this painting for our dining room, so this scheme isn’t the one I will use either, but it was worth it, I love it and will use it somewhere else in the house.

The best thing I found was that I could choose a color and it automatically provided a color palette, so much quicker than flicking through color swatches by hand. If I didn’t like what it showed me I chose another color, and could keep going until I found what was right. As you can see from my schemes, I found it the first time but I kept experimenting because you never know what exciting new scheme might catch your eye using this tool. That is why I think it is so useful. I am definitely bookmarking it for future use.

I have partnered with Glidden/Akzo Nobel Paints to write this article but the thoughts and opinions expressed are from my own experience of interior design and using the MyColortopia blog.

Go and have fun now, if you don’t have a digital camera they have inspirational photos that you can use, so don’t feel you have been left out, go and give it a try yourself at  My Image Inspiration.

I have written an article about color inspiration which uses great tools from, it provides a shortcut for making color choices and provides you with color inspiration derived from your personality buy answering a quick and simple quiz. Great fun and so useful.


Written by Lee Brown

About the Author – Lee Brown

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