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Free Curtain Design Ecourse

Free Curtain Design eCourse

Find out what is involved in this free curtain design and drapery ecourse here.

Curtains are a major part of home interior decoration and design, so it is vital you gain these skills as an interior decorator or designer. (You may have already participated in the free interior decorating ecourse, these are additional skills for you to use as an interior designer or decorator).

With this ecourse you will learn how to take a client brief, how to decide on which style of drapery you need, how to deal with unusual window shapes, the basics on how to hang curtains with tracks and rods, the type of headings, choosing fabrics and how to tie in your design with the remainder of your interior color scheme.

How do I learn about Curtain and Drapery Design?

You subscribe in a simple form (below) and provide your name and email address. We then ask you to confirm your details in an email, when you do, you will receive your first email from your ecourse. Simple as that.

We have also set up a website ( to help your learning, and this will provide you access to curtain design videos, self tests, and you will be able to access any pages of the ecourse, that may get lost in cyberspace.

You will also be able to see photographs and examples of curtain design.

Curtain design photos

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What will I learn about?

1. Introduction to your ecourse
2. Purpose of a curtain and the client brief
3. Types and styles of curtains – Contemporary
4. Types and styles of curtains – Traditional
5. Types and styles  – Decorative and Specialized
6. Types and styles – Ready Made
7. Types and styles – Blinds
8. Types and styles  – Shutters
9. Heading types, track and rod selection
10. Which window treatment  for the window style? – bow windows, french windows, uneven windows and corner windows
11. Which window treatment for the window style? – Sliding Glass Windows, Dormer window and Bay Windows
12. Which window treatment  for the window style? – Skylight, Glass Wall, Clerestory, Palladian Windows
13. Which window treatment  for the window style? – unusual shapes of windows, miscellaneous
14. Which window treatment for the window style? – jalousie, double hung, sash windows, inswinging and out swinging casement windows, ranch and awning windows
15. Fabric selection guidelines
16. Curtain terms, and ordering and measuring custom made
17. Combining window treatments with your interior design concept
18. Accessories, knowing when and where to use them
19. Thank you and summary of ecourse


About the Author – Lee Brown

Lee Brown is the co founder of, she has worked in the Interior Design Industry for over 24 years, specializing in commercial, hospitality, high end architectural homes and retail design. Over the past 14 years Lee and Chris Brown have been collating their wealth of design knowledge to provide free interior decorating education to the world. Make sure you register for your free ecourse today. Free Interior Decorating eCourse