Picnic Cloth

Craft Projects – Make your Own Picnic Cloth and Table Napkins

Picnic Set Table Cloth and Napkins

A simple sewing exercise for the beginner and a lovely gift for those who love to dine outdoors. Give it a go, there is nothing complicated about making this. I have made them for all the family in different colors. It is a great gift idea for those who have everything!


  • Fabric (a strong heavy weight) approximately 150 cm long
  • Contrasting Fabric – approximately 60 cm long
  • Optional – braid, binding, lace, fabric paints (for decorating napkins)
  • Thread, Pins,¬†Scissors, Measuring Tape, Iron, Sewing Machine

Finished picnic cloth and napkins.

Finished picnic cloth and napkins.

You will need fabric, thread, scissors, pins.

You will need fabric, thread, scissors, pins.


Take large piece of fabric and turn up all edges 1 cm to wrong side of fabric. Then press with and iron. Turn up another 1 cm and pin and press. Topstitch 0.6cm all the way around the fabric. Then press to finish. You now have the table cloth completed.

Press fabric

Table Napkins

Then, take contrasting fabric and measure into equal parts for the table napkins. Make them approximately 30 cm x 30 cm. Mark with tailors chalk or pin, then cut.

Turn up 0.6 cm edges to wrong side of fabric, press then turn up a further 0.6 cm, pin and press. Top stitch 0.3 cm from edge. Press and the napkin is complete.

If you want to decorate your table napkin, pin on your braid, or lace etc and stitch this down before you turn up the edges. We have used two different sizes of binding to create our decorative feature.

Enjoy your picnic!

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