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Spiritual Color – Psychology of Color

Spiritual Color

Is there such a thing as spiritual color? We often appear skeptical when spiritualists describe the ability to see and read our auras, but it is an interesting topic.
The color of the aura that they see is thought to give off the person’s state of spirituality and health.

Red suggests materialism, activity, forceful nature and playfulness.

Orange suggests compassion, balancing and an impressionable person.

Yellow is controlling, intellectual, independent and a perfectionist.

Green shows growth or change, calming, abundance, attracting energy and deception.

Blue is creativity, clarity, communication, cold personality and certainty.

Violet suggests spiritual activity, arrogance, clairvoyance and superiority.

These are only some of the color aura attributes and as you can see, there are positives and negatives within each color.

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