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Paint Application Tools

Tools used for Paint Application

Painting – Paint Application Tools

The Brush

The brush is available in numerous sizes, it is used greatly for “cutting in” around windows and doors etc, for finishing off with a roller. The brush application method provides good adhesion to the surface. Care is required not to “overload” the brush as the film coating can become uneven, take longer to dry, peel off, run or drip.

The brush bristles will also get clogged and will make it difficult to work with. There is a wide range in quality of brushes; this comes down to the type of bristle, (natural or synthetic), the length of the bristles, the end of the bristles, and the density of the bristles.

Natural vs. synthetic – natural brushes tend to shed, synthetic don’t.

Synthetic are better for use with water-based paints.

Length – longer are better as they hold more paint and reduce dripping.

End of bristles – varying lengths in bristles are better, especially if the tip is tapered as it lets the paint flow on smoothly.

Density – beware of a packed out brush! Check inside the bristles to ensure that they are not.

The Roller

This was a great invention.
It is wider than a brush and as it’s name suggests it rolls the paint onto the wall.
It can be used by hand or attached to a pole to paint a ceiling of high walls.
It is a quicker way to paint than using a brush and tends to use less paint as the application provides a lighter film coating.
It provides an even finish.
It has a handle that gets attached to an angled metal frame when then takes the roller sleeve.
The sleeve is a fabric-coated tube that slots over the frame. There are many different piles for the different types of paint application.


This is a short pile fiber pad fixed to a plastic handle.
You dip it into the paint and wipe it over the substrate to cover it with a thin film of paint.
They are available in different shapes and sizes allowing you to paint almost anything with them.
It leaves a thinner, more even and run free coat of paint than a paintbrush.

Mechanical Spraying Equipment

This is an application method that is used for difficult areas to paint, i.e. a large amount of relief, or textures surfaces.
It is also very cost effective to spray a single color for large areas; the time involved is a lot less than rolling or brushing.

Care is required that adequate masking is done as over spray can be difficult to remove.
It is used in the application of multicolored paint finishes to great effect.

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