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Introduction to Design Color

An Introduction to Design Color in Interior Design and Decorating

Find your introduction to design color, color is everywhere we look; there is no getting away from it. It has been with us since we were born and our parents used it to show others what sex we were.

Pastel pink booties for a girl and baby blue for a boy. How quaint.

From there, we grew and began to experience our environment, both interior and exterior. Outdoors we learnt that the sky was blue, the grass was green, the roads were grey, that mud was brown and flowers – well flowers they encompassed all the colors of the rainbow.

The baby boy on the left is dressed in blue and the girl on the right in pin

Indoors, I am sure that we all have something from our childhood memories of our homes that we vividly remember. For me, it was white wallpaper with pale blue flowers, bold geometric horizontal striped curtains and a clown duvet. Blue was my favorite color, but I tired very quickly of the flowers and as I grew into my teens, I had nightmares from the scary curtains!

Many people fear color but we cannot remove ourselves from it, as everyday we experience new combinations, from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, to the books and magazines we read. All these growing experiences have influenced and created our taste and molded the style we have today.

Flowers grow in almost every color and are given to others as they can speak to us without the need of words

Therefore, we already have a close personal relationship with color and have no need to fear it, we just may not realize it. We may feel afraid to break the “neutral” mold and exude some of our personality into our homes, afraid of what people will say, or just do not know how to do it. This web site and our ebook on color will give you the confidence to start experimenting with color.

This is a painting by a six year old, it portrays so much with so little detail, having an uncluttered vision of the world enables you to see the basic form of the subject

With the rate at which we are progressing in technology, these influences above are even more diverse as they are now globally accessible, opening up even more for us to draw our life experiences from..

However, sometimes too much stimulation or choice can make it difficult to know what you like and what you don’t, making the pace of our lives difficult to keep up with. All you need is a little information and guidance to help you make your choices and speaking from experience, you’ll never look back once you start, your new world will open up and the “real you” will escape.

This is a painting by a six year old, it portrays so much with so little detail, having an uncluttered vision of the world enables you to see the basic form of the subject.

For example – do you have something in your wardrobe that when you wear it, you feel like a “million bucks”? Everyone passes flattering comments to you and it gives you the confidence to speak up and step out and do things that you would not normally contemplate. Of course you do. So, put on that outfit and get reading.

Learn about color and how it relates to you, your personality and your interior environment. Then apply your new found knowledge to a project and breakdown some color fear barriers. Always remember – there are no hard and fast rules – experimentation can create the most fantastic combinations, just look at the wonderful paintings children can create without any color knowledge, just painting from their hearts and environmental influences.

This painting above shows great confidence for a six year old. The lilies are painted in their natural state but the background – pink – is making a statement contrasting and enhancing the focus onto the lilies. So much is achieved by keeping it simple. It portrays so much with so little detail, having an uncluttered vision of the world enables you to see the basic form of the subject.

The beauty of interior decoration in comparison to art and painting is that we can experiment with swatches and samples in a pre determined space without having to touch our canvas. We can change our minds and direction until we come up with our desired result. So read on, be inspired and

“Welcome to the World of Color”

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