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Color Schemes

Color Schemes – How to Master Them like a Professional

Like it or not there are formulas for creating color schemes.

Some say no, we just know which colors work well together. That may be the case, but if you break down these schemes, you will find that they are derived from the color wheel in one form or another.

Look at the examples, color by color and see how these schemes work. Obviously we are only using the full chroma, but you can add white or black to alter the schemes, so this is where they all began.

Colors of the Color Wheel Color Schemes

Blue Color Schemes

Blue, Red and Yellow, a triadic color scheme (also in this case, the three primary colors) creates a strong and authoritative use of blue based on a strong chroma (brightness of the color) but if used with a tint (white added to a color) we get quite a different feel, baby blue, pink and lemon, this creates a restful and serene use of the color.

Blue Color Schemes

Green Color Schemes
A Green and Red complementary color scheme provides wonderful contrast, one of the colors should dominate and the other used as an accent. A hunter green sofa for example, accented with red cushions.
This provides an elegant combination.

Green Color Schemes

Orange Color Schemes

An orange monochromatic color scheme provides a simple happy feeling to a room.

Orange Color Schemes

Purple Color Schemes

Violet, Red – Violet, Yellow, Yellow – Green make up a dual complementary color scheme. This allows you to combine multiple colors knowing that they will work in harmony.

Purple Color Schemes

Red Color Schemes

A Red, Blue – Green and Yellow – Green, split complementary color scheme allows you to introduce other colors whilst still retaining a high contrast scheme.

Red Color Schemes

Yellow Color Schemes

Yellow, Yellow – Orange and Orange, an example of an analogous color scheme. This type of scheme is easy on the eye as it uses colors that are beside each other on the color wheel and therefore closely related.

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How to use the Color Wheel

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